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BRAINS Student assistent

BRAINS is an inter-faculty center of the University of Twente with over 10 principal investigators from the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, the Digital Society Institute and the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences. Its mission is to develop efficient hardware for information processing. At BRAINS we combine core expertise in nanoscience and nanotechnology with expertise from computer science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, to lay the scientific foundations for a new generation of powerful, energy-efficient computing hardware.

We are currently a job for a student assistant as a programmer to develop and maintain the codes that we use for experimental measurements, simulations and modeling.


  • Help improving, integrating, testing, documenting and maintaining software for laboratory equipment and experiments.
    • Testing the code
      • Extensive unit and integration testing
    • Write documentation of the code:
      • Installation instructions
      • Tutorials on simple and non-trivial use cases
      • API documentation
    • Implement useful development guidelines and best practices to be adopted by the researchers developing new code.
      • Help implementing continuous integration
      • Code beautifiers, linters and standards


  • Good programming, troubleshooting and diagnostics skills. Experience with Python is required, but knowledge in Arduino, C, C++ will also be valued.
  • Can manage code requirements, design and coding best practices. Knowledgeable in source code management (git), code linters, coding style standards. UML knowledge is desirable.