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NIZO Food Research 

Aim: Tribology of simple and complex food systems

Background: NIZO recently acquired a tribometer, able to probe friction between surfaces in a liquid in a wide range of speeds, pressures and kinetic histories. NIZO would like to apply this instrument to better understand the physical meaning of sensory attributes such as ‘smooth’, ‘creamy’, ‘astringent’ etc. Such attributes are usually properties of very complex food systems. In order to unravel the many parameters contributing to the tribology of these systems tribology experiments are needed on liquids with a simple rheology.

Voor meer informatie over het hele stageprogramma, zie Work plan student project NIZO.

Internship vacancy at Cosine B.V.

“Characterisation of a Thermal InfraRed optical

remote sensing instrument”

cosine is developing and testing a miniaturised optical remote sensing instrument for space
applications, based on a fully reflective telescope working in the Thermal InfraRed (TIR) range.
To support the experimental campaign aimed to determine the instrument performance, cosine is
currently looking for a MSc level intern with a strong background in Optics.
The main project tasks are:

  • Development of laboratory measurement setups;
  • Integration and alignment of the optical system and the detector;
  • Instrument characterisation aiming to determine
    ◦ first-order optical properties (focal length, field of view, entrance pupil diameter)
    ◦ optical performance (Point Spread Function, Modulation Transfer Function, Distortion,
    ◦ radiometric performance (Radiometric accuracy, Noise performance, Thermal background
    fluctuation, Stability)
  • Analysis of experimental data aiming to determine the instrument performance figures;
  • Preparation of technical reports on the obtained results.

The ideal candidate has proven record of:

• Sound knowledge of fundamental Physics with particular emphasis on Optics;
• Experience in optical laboratory setups and measurements;
• Experience in data processing and data analysis;
• Skills in scientific computing and programming;
• Skills in technical reporting and scientific writing.

Internship duration is 5 months (negotiable), preferred starting date is December 1st 2017. Working
language is English.
For additional information and questions, please contact Dr Pierluigi Foglia Manzillo
( If interested in this position, please send your updated CV and a list of
your grades to