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The 114th Candidate board!

8 April 2020

S.V. Arago has its 114th candidate board! The 93th board sees a lot of potention in this candidate board, and hopes they will constitute as follows on de GMA in September:   Meltem Lampe – Chairman Job Noordkamp – Secretary Stijn Borggreve – Treasurer Ramon Waninge – Commissioner of Internal Affairs Sven Posthuma de Boer …

Claudia Filippi, Winner of the Arago Education Award 2020

8 April 2020

In February and March, before the lockdown, bachelor and master applied physics, students could vote on the Arago education award. This yearly award is to honour the work and effort of teachers. This year a lot of votes were cast with Claudia Filippi coming out on top with a strong margin. She, of course, is …

Mevrouw de Winterprijs

7 January 2020

Also this year the Mevrouw de Winterprijs was awarded during the dies of S.V. Arago. This year this prestigious prize was awarded to Stefan Kooi. His role as programma director makes him already very involved with the students. His effords on this field, however greatly surpass the expectations, which follow from his function. He stimulates …

Happy Holidays!

20 December 2019

We wish everybody happy holidays, a happy new year and a nice Christmas break! We hope to see you all again after the holiday in the Aragoroom. Love, The 93th board of S.V. Arago  

KITN Vrijwilligers

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  • Thursday 10 September
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