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Member of merit Tine van Dam passed away

2 September 2021

Last Saturday the 28th of August, member of merit Tine van Dam passed away at the age of 90. Tine van Dam was a employee at the faculty TN from the beginning. From 1965 to 1992, she was responsible for the education of first year students at Applied Physics, and every student knew her. Every …

The 115th candidate-board of S.V. Arago is announced!

20 April 2021

The 115th candidate board of S.V. Arago is announced! The 94th board believes this board will walk many meters, and hopes that they will be constituted as follows during the next GMA: Noah van Dijk – Chairman Léon Goedegebuur – Secretary Marel Vrerink – Treasurer Bas Onck – Commissioner of Internal Affairs Fleur Voortman – …

Happy Holidays!

25 December 2020

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! We look forward to seeing you again in 2021. Lots of love, the 94th board of S.V. Arago

The 94th board of S.V. Arago

22 September 2020

On 10 September 2020 the 94th board of S.V. Arago was constituted as follows: Meltem Lampe – Chairman. Job Noordkamp – Secretary. Stijn Borggreve – Treasurer. Ramon Waninge – Commissioner of Internal Affairs. Sven Posthuma de Boer – Commissioner of External Affairs. Meltem Lampe – Commissioner of Educational Affairs. “Wij maken meters”  

BRAK Beerpongborrel

  • Thursday 19 May
  • 17:00 uur - 23:59 uur
  • TAP


  • Friday 20 May
  • 16:00 uur - 19:00 uur
  • TAP

Workshop Day

ASML Lunchlecture

  • Tuesday 24 May
  • 12:45 uur - 13:30 uur