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Mevrouw de Winterprijs

7 January 2020

Also this year the Mevrouw de Winterprijs was awarded during the dies of S.V. Arago. This year this prestigious prize was awarded to Stefan Kooi. His role as programma director makes him already very involved with the students. His effords on this field, however greatly surpass the expectations, which follow from his function. He stimulates …

Happy Holidays!

20 December 2019

We wish everybody happy holidays, a happy new year and a nice Christmas break! We hope to see you all again after the holiday in the Aragoroom. Love, The 93th board of S.V. Arago  

Lustrum theme announced!

15 December 2019

Since the 50th Dies of our study association is coming ever closer, it has become time for the Lustrum committee to shed some light on the awesome activities they have planned. The theme for lustrum X of S.V. Arago is … The theme is based on the 50th anniversary of our ever-changing and growing association. …

New Honorary Members: Henk Hoving & Thijs van Reijn

14 October 2019

On the 12th of September 2019 the GMA appointed two new Honorary Members: Henk Hoving and Thijs van Reijn. The Godsons of the De Winters have been putting in effort for S.V. Arago for many years now and it was about time to thank them for it. Henk and Thijs are still involved within our …

ECO GameNight

  • Tuesday 31 March
  • 20:00 uur - 22:00 uur

Vrijwilligen bij de Ouderdag 2020

  • Saturday 6 June
  • 09:00 uur - 17:30 uur

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