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New Honorary Members: Henk Hoving & Thijs van Reijn

14 October 2019

On the 12th of September 2019 the GMA appointed two new Honorary Members: Henk Hoving and Thijs van Reijn. The Godsons of the De Winters have been putting in effort for S.V. Arago for many years now and it was about time to thank them for it. Henk and Thijs are still involved within our …

Bachelors graduation ceremony

2 October 2019

Last friday, the 27th of September 2019, 32 members of Arago received their bachelor degree. Congratulations to all! The 93th board of S.V. Arago wishes them the very best in their future career and hopes to see them walk around the AK on their Arago-socks!

The 93th board of S.V. Arago

28 September 2019

On September 12 2019 the 93th board of S.V. Arago has constituted as follows: Imke Nijenbanning – Chairman Jelle van Mil – Secretary Evert Jan Bomhof – Treasurer Jantinus Wisman – Commissioner of Internal Affairs Jelle van Mil – Commissioner of External Affairs Pieter van Essen – Commissioner of Education “Daar zit potentie in!”

Arago migrates during summer vacation

5 July 2019

While writing this message the BE is flying with 26 people towards Vancouver to make an epic study tour across North America, the 46 Europareis participants are very anxious to set off to Gent and London, the KITN is working towards an fantastic Kick-In, the board is doing her final business and the candidate board …

Matunda Wonderlijke Winter Weken

  • Thursday 12 December
  • 12:30 uur - 13:45 uur
  • AK

Pilot Traject Student Assistent

  • Thursday 12 December
  • 12:45 uur - 13:45 uur

Science Café Enschede: CO2, probleem wordt grondstof

Procam Airsoft

  • Friday 13 December
  • 15:00 uur - 20:00 uur