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Arago migrates during summer vacation

5 July 2019

While writing this message the BE is flying with 26 people towards Vancouver to make an epic study tour across North America, the 46 Europareis participants are very anxious to set off to Gent and London, the KITN is working towards an fantastic Kick-In, the board is doing her final business and the candidate board …

Old board members back in the Arago room

25 June 2019

Our 48 year old association has had many different boards whose members haven’t seen eachother for some time. That’s why every several years an old-board-day is organized so the boards can meet up again. Such a dag toke place last weekend, boards from 1983 to 2019 met once again in the Arago room. It wouldn’t …

Sportsday + Nanothlon and the Summer Drink

14 June 2019

The yearly sportsday, together with the Nanothlon and Summer drink, again took place this year completely free due to the sponsorship of TMC! Even though the weather was less suited for a barbecue, it was perfect for an intense day of sporting. 17 teams of which 9 research group teams competed in soccer, basketball, volleyball, …

2 teams to international olympiad PLANCKS

2 June 2019

After the great success of the national physics olympiad (PION), organised in Twente, three teams departed to Denmark to compete in the international physics olympiad, PLANCKS. Two of these teams came from Enschede! Next to the key event of the weekend, the olympiad on Saturday morning, all participants could enjoy each other’s company in several …

Kick-In 2019

  • Wednesday 21 August
  • 16:25 uur - 16:25 uur

Na-Intro 2019 [Vrijwilligers]

  • Friday 20 September
  • 15:00 uur - 16:00 uur

Na-Intro 2019 [Cantus]

  • Saturday 21 September
  • 20:00 uur - 02:00 uur


  • Wednesday 25 September
  • 14:00 uur - 20:00 uur