Arago chamber

The Arago room is currently closed.

International Students

Information for international students

Welcome to the information page for international students about Study Association Arago (S.V. Arago). S.V. Arago is an association focused on Applied Physics students. On this page we give an overview of S.V. Arago and its goals.

S.V. Arago is located at CR3.190 (next to Carre 3F). When you enter this room, you will first see ‘Open huis De Winter’, this is our study area. If you go through the next door, you will find our relax room, the Aragokamer. You can get some snacks and free coffee or tea here! The Aragokamer is a great place to chat with your fellow students. Here you can also find the board of S.V. Arago, they can help you with your books and with study related problems.

As a study association we look after the interests of our students. These interests can be split into three categories: education, career and social events.

To support students in their education, we have contact with the staff of the Applied Physics study. Any problems you have regarding the study program or exams, you can address to our Commissioner Educational Affairs. Each quartile you have the possibility to order books with a lot of discount through S.V. Arago.

To help students’ career orientation, we organize lunch lectures from technical companies or consultancy companies and research groups, excursions to technical companies and a career orientation day.

Next to educational and career related activities, there is also time for fun. Active members of S.V. Arago organize social events, e.g. drinks, cultural activity, open mic nights.

We would like to meet you. See you soon in the Aragokamer!