Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.


Becoming a member with Study Association Arago can be done via an e-mail to or by asking a board member in the Arago room (AK). The membership has many advantages, for example discount on study books and free coffee and tea in the AK.

The contribution fee is collected at the beginning of the academic year via an automatic withdrawal. During the sign-up an authorization form can be signed. Further information about the contribution can be found in the contributiereglement (which unfortunately is still in Dutch).

Besides the authorization form for the contribution fee another authorization form has to be signed. There is a separate authorization form for the “intern saldo”. The “intern saldo” is an personal balance (saldo) within the association (intern) which is used to sum up participant costs for activities, merchandise, printing and catering. The internal account balance is periodically collected and for that an authorization is needed.

Cancellation of a membership can be done via a written notice or an e-mail to the secretary. This has to be done four weeks before the end of the association year. The association year ends at the 31st of July so the notice has to be sent before the fourth of July. If the secretary has not been notified before this date then the member is obligated to pay the contribution fee for the next year also.

If you have not signed one or both authorization forms? Or if you have any questions about the membership or contribution fee? Please contact the secretary (, treasurer ( or another board member.