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High Tech Systems and Materials Masters Honours Programme

• Are you looking for an extra challenge on top of your Master’s degree?

• Would you like to be trained by excellent scientists and optimize your chances on a high profile industrial or PhD position?

• Would you like to deepen your knowledge of your own field, yet also join forces with students from other (technical) disciplines?

• Are you up for challenging real-life product development assignments together with one of our industrial partners?

Then the HTSM Master’s Honours Programme is just what you are looking for!

The Universities of Groningen and Twente – in cooperation with Astron, BD Kiestra, Innovatiecluster Drachten and Philips Consumer Lifestyle – offer talented, motivated students the opportunity to challenge themselves with this unique extra-curricular Master’s Honours Programme.

For whom?

The highly selective admission procedure is open to students from both the University of Groningen and the University of Twente. Talented, ambitious students from the following course programmes are welcome to apply:

• (Applied) Physics

• Chemistry

• Chemical Engineering

• Industrial Engineering and Management

• Industrial Design Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Computer Science

• Artificial Intelligence

• Human-Machine Communication

• Other science studies with a clear technical component applicable to the HTSM sector, such as mathematics, biomedical engineering, life sciences & technology and molecular biology.

Selection criteria

• A Bachelor’s degree by 1 September with good to excellent results, including a Bachelor’s thesis marked above average.

• Good oral and written skills in English (TOEFL 580).

• Highly motivated toward the focus of the programme: multidisciplinary, innovative, high tech product development.

• Able to pair a great intellectual ability with technical skills and interests.

• Specific personal qualities (innovative, independent, creative, original, proactive and persevering).

• Motivated and able to collaborate with other (technical) disciplines in multidisciplinary teams.

• The desire to widen your knowledge beyond the borders of your own discipline and beyond technical and non-technical borders.


More information about the programme and selection procedure is available on the following website:


Afstuderen (MSc) 2017 bij Philips Research

Location: Multiphysics and Optics group, Philips Research, Eindhoven

Vakgroep: LPNO, Klaus Boller

Subject: Calibration system for a particle detection sensor

Contact names: Hans Spruit,, Tel 040-2792110

Alexander van de Lee,, 040-2793267


We are working on an optical air quality sensor. This detects small particles present in the air, the so-called PM2.5 value. This system is based on optical scattering of light from the particles.

For calibration purposes it is needed to understand well the response of the sensor for different particle sizes. It is difficult to control the particles in the air. To circumvent this a special test disc was made with small pits as artificial particles. The question is how well such a test disc is suited for characterization of the particle sensor.

Research & development:

– Develop experimental method to measure and characterize artificial “particle” signals and compare these with airborne particle signals

– Theoretical understanding of the measured signals

– Optimization of the particle test disc.

– Report on the work done with conclusions and recommendations

For this work we are looking for a student having affinity with optics, both experimentally and theoretically. A graduation assignment (6-9 month period) is preferred. A standard compensation for room rental is offered.



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