Arago room

The Arago room is currently open.
Nick Warnars has room service.


The women's committee of S.V. Arago. The Inanna organizes activities which primary aim to give the woman of TN/AP even more possibilities to connect and form bonds with one another in a female centric environment.

De Inanna can be reached via and currently consists of:

  • Liselotte Bokma (Penningjuf)
  • Hester van Wachem (Chocolatière)
  • Leonie van der Heide (Praezus)
  • Naomi Spier (Secretaresse)
  • Anke de Haan (Commissaris Social Media)
  • Nynke Wijnant
  • Anouk Somhorst
  • Alicia Talsma
  • Lotte Hof
  • Anna van Bussel
  • Xiu Storm
  • Inge Sies