Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.


The women's committee of S.V. Arago. The Inanna organizes activities which primary aim to give the woman of TN/AP even more possibilities to connect and form bonds with one another in a female centric environment.

De Inanna can be reached via and currently consists of:

  • Liselotte Bokma (Penningjuf)
  • Hester van Wachem (Chocolatière)
  • Leonie van der Heide (Praezus)
  • Anke de Haan (Secretaresse en Commissaris Social Media)
  • Anouk Somhorst
  • Anna van Bussel
  • Naomi Spier
  • Lotte Hof
  • Xiu Storm
  • Inge Sies