Arago room

The Arago room is currently open.


In 1970, the study association for Applied Physics T.N.S.V. Arago was founded by some enthusiastic students of the Technische Hogeschool Twente, the predecessor of the University of Twente. The association is named after Dominique François Jean Arago, an 18th century French scientist, famous for his research in the areas of optics and land surveying. Furthermore, Arago has been mayor of Paris and minister of war. The way he intertwined excellent physical research and passionate social involvement made him the namesake and patron saint of our study association.

Every TN student is a member of study association Arago, if only for the discount on your study books. Every book you need during your study is selected and ordered by the association for you. Since membership only costs €10,00 per year, you’ll easily get your money back; all books are guaranteed cheaper than when ordered via Besides, most TN students are a member of Arago because they like to participate in one of the many activities Arago organises. Some of these are closely related to physics, and others are purely for fun, like singing our beautiful Arago chant. There is something for everyone!

Want to become a member? Drop by the AK and ask a board member.