Arago room

The Arago room is currently open.

Organisation of education

The evaluation and supervision of education is carried out by a number of different committees that operate on different levels.

SOTN – Student complaints

The programme consultation committee Applied Physics, or SOTN for short, is a committee of S.V. Arago that is involved in education. Its main responsibility is to pass on the complaints of students to teachers and staff members. This often happens during the quartile, which allows the feedback to be handled immediately. Furthermore, the SOTN maintains the exam database; a database filled with old exams of different courses which allows students to practice.

OKC-TN – Periodic evaluation

The OKC (Education Quality Committee) organises so called panel discussions for the different years of the AP bachelor separately (B1, B2 and B3). These evaluation sessions involve around five to six students from the concerned bachelor year. Together with two members of the OKC-TN, these students will evaluate the courses that were followed in the past quartile. A report of this meeting is then drawn up, including statistics and pass rates per course.

OLC – Curriculum evaluation

The OLC or Programme Committee consists of several students and teachers of Applied Physics. The OLC discusses the curriculum of AP and evaluates the role and arrangement of different courses within this curriculum. In addition, the OLC handles the reports drawn up by the OKC-TN.


Do you have any questions about education? You can always approach the Commissioner of Educational Affairs or mail to</a. Do you have any questions about a TEM module? Consult the this/a> flowchart to find out who is the best fit to help you.