Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.


Arago offers a wide range of merchandise so our members can walk around in style. An overview of all the merchandise offered by Arago is shown below. In case you fancy buying one of these wonderful items, you can visit the Arago room and ask a board member. If you have a neat idea for Arago merchandise not currently provided, then please send an email to, this product might be the next available item in the Arago room!

Mug (€4,50)
Would you also like to always have a mug available for coffee, tea, beer or lemonade? Or do you simply want a super awesome mug at home? Then we have an Arago mug for you!

Bobble hat (€9)

Winter is coming! Or not, depending on when you are reading this. Regardless, an Arago hat is a lovely warm object that keeps your big brain warm.

Scarf (€10)

It goes without saying that a nice Arago hat cannot go without an Arago scarf! The first line of the Arago chant features prominently on the scarf, and will remind everyone of our beautiful association. This meter is, by the way, precisely one meter.

Umbrella (€12,50)

Due to the frequent rain in our cold country, an umbrella often comes in handy. And what better way to provide for this need than a proper Arago umbrella! Even in the rain, you can show you’re with the most fabulous association!

6-zonnebrilSunglasses (€3)

Luckily it’s not always cold in the Netherlands, and the sun does shine from time to time. To guard your eyes from this sun, we have wonderful Arago sunglasses for our members. Get one yourself in the AK.

Towel (€25)

A nice accompaniment for the sunglasses is a towel. This astounding piece of merch can be used at the pool, by the seaside and on holiday to show off the most beautiful study association. Comes with a free safety pin, for a true Arago CAPE!

7-das Tie (€12)

Official occasion? Board? Association representation? Then a nice Arago tie always comes in handy! The ties are made of pure silk, making them a true pleasure to wear.



Ascot tie (€12)8-choker

There are not many who know, but Arago offers Ascot ties specifically for the ladies. These are made of the same wonderfully soft material as the ties, and are of course suited for the same occasions.

10-bretelsSuspenders (€25)

For the truly elitist students, finish off your outfit with these truly terrific Arago suspenders!


Bow tie (€14)

Once a year Arago organises its own gala! At this event, men ought to wear a bow tie. Arago provides the bow ties, all you have to do is purchase one and tie it correctly before the event, good luck with that!