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Rights and Obligations

Educational programme website




Below, you can find everything about the educational programme, and everything related to it. There is much to think of. To help you through these regulations , you can find a list of the most important links below:

The student statutes

The student statutes, with all rights and duties of students, not related to the method of educating.

Link: student statutes

Education and Examination Regulations (EER)

The Education and Examination Regulations (EER), containing all rights and duties for students, related to education and exams:

Link: eer

This document contains for instance the amount of time a teacher can take to correct your exam and how many trials you have for your exam. The final attainments and compensation regulations for Applied Physics can be found in the education specific part of the EER. Although the EER is quite well-structured, if you cannot find the rule you need, ask the Commissioner of Educational Affairs of the board ( or the SOTN, the programme consultation committee Applied Physics ( Below, you can find the most important information from the EER in a more compact format [At moment of revision of this website, the PDF is outdated].

Link: short overview of the EER

Binding Recommendation (BSA)
Information on the Binding Recommendation (BSA), which holds for Applied Physics since 2009.

Link: study advice


Information on the guidance during your studies.

Link: guidance


Enrolling for exams and courses can be done via OSIRIS : OSIRIS

During the Kick-In you already got an explanation about enrolling. In OSIRIS the buttons might be hidden , they are in light grey in the bottom left corner or in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you can find some information about the system itself as well.