Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.



Sister associations

University of Twente

Brother associations

    • Abacus (Applied Mathematics)
    • alembic (Chemical Engineering)
    • Astatine (Advanced Technology)
    • Atlantis (University College)
    • Dimensie (Psychology and Educational Sciences & Technology)
    • ConcepT (Civil Engineering)
    • Communiqué (Communication Science)
    • Daedalus (Industrial Design)
    • Ideefiks (Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society)
    • Inter-Actief (Technical Computer Science and Business & IT)
    • Isaac Newton (Mechanical Engineering)
    • Komma (Educational Science (Dutch))
    • Paradoks (Biomedical Technology and Applied Medicine (both Dutch))
    • Proto (Creative Technology)
    • Skintilla (Electrical Engineering)
    • Sirius (Public Administration, Health science, European Studies and European Public Administration)
    • Stress (Business Administration, International Business Administration and Industrial Engineering & Management)