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The 118th candidate board of S.V. Arago is announced

29 april 2024

The 118th candidate board of S.V. Arago is announced! The 97th board thinks that they will peak beautifully together next year, and hopes that they will be constituted as follows at the GMA in September: Sam Baake – Chairman Esther DiVincenzo – Secretary Pieter Dohmen – Treasurer Sandrijn Collombon – Commissioner of Internal Affairs Job …

Nieuw luisterend oor // New listening ear

2 februari 2024

English version can be found below. Iets meer dan een maand geleden is Anne Kraai gestopt als luisterend oor van Arago. In zijn plaats is er een nieuw lid aangesteld om samen met Marel de taak van luisterend oor op zich te nemen: Nick Nijssen. Het luisterend oor is aangesteld om met leden te praten …

The winner of the ‘mevrouw De Winter’-prize!

24 december 2023

Last month, S.V. Arago celebrated its Dies Natalis on November 30th, featuring an awesome Dies lecture by Hans van Oort. Following this lecture, the board announced the winner of the ‘mevrouw De Winter’-prize! This year, it’s Femke Witmans who won the prize. Now, Femke’s not just your regular PhD student at ICE and NE, …

Two new members of merit!

2 oktober 2023

As of the 14th of Septembre, study association Arago has appointed two new members of merit, namely Raimond Frentrop and Lourens van Emmerik! Although they did a board year together in 2010, their contributions to the association are vastly different. Their stories can be read on our members of merit page and in the Arago …

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