Arago room

The Arago room is currently open.
Nick Warnars has room service.

Europareis 2021

Organizes a 5-day trip within Europe for Aragonauts. During the trip the participant will visit various companies, institutes and universities with a background in physics.

De Europareis 2021 can be reached via and currently consists of:

  • Kai van den Berg (Voorzitter)
  • Ramon Waninge (Penningmeester)
  • Fleur Voortman (Commissaris Externe Betrekkingen)
  • Stijn Borggreve (Commissaris Promotie)
  • Jitse Boonstra (Algemeen Lid)
  • Andrey Antonowycz (Commissaris Bedrijven)
  • Manon Los (Commissaris Logistiek)