Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.


Centrale Commissie voor Computers en ook Printers (Central Commission for Computers and also Printers); ensure that anyone who would like to use the digital facilities of S.V. Arago (also known as the computer park) have access to the latest and best software and hardware to ensure that this person can perform his or her job without any worries. Don't mention it! The exalted lords of the C.C.C.P.

De CCCP can be reached via and currently consists of:

  • Yorick Vos (Opperhoofd)
  • Jesse Bakker
  • Daan de Ruiter
  • Gijs Verduijn
  • Kevin Vonk
  • Andrey Antonowycz
  • Emiel Slootman
  • Ronald Wolters
  • Bram Horsman
  • Romaly Grijpma