Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.


Cultuur Commissie (Culture Commission); Introducing Aragonauts to the many aspects of art and culture. From organizing a movie night to a pub quiz, the CuCo organizes a wide variety of different cultural activities. In addition, the CuCo organizes their characteristic open stage every year. Culture is a broad and profound concept that underlies every society. The multitude of aspects to the concept of culture gives us great freedom in organizing a wide variety of activities. It is the aim of the CuCo to make use of this and to make everything we organize interesting, fun and yet rooted in the culture.

De CuCo can be reached via and currently consists of:

  • Gilles Grummel (Voorzitter )
  • Thymen Sewüster (Secretaris)
  • Sylvan de Vries (Commissaris Promotie)
  • Stefan Struiksma (Self proclaimed furry expert)
  • Robert van der Lelie
  • Julia Halfwerk
  • Pieter Dohmen
  • Kars Schoonderwoerd
  • Max de Jager
  • Inge Sies