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Arago takes 120th place in Batavierenrace

On the 10th of May the 47th Batavierenrace took place. Just like in the previous years the Arago-batateam was perfectly organised by the FyFy. The night shift team left Enschede on Friday evening around 6:30 PM to go to Nijmegen and start in the biggest relay race in the world. Early in the morning they were substituted with the morning shift which left the campus around 5:00 AM to go to Ulft. The day shift assembled in Barchem to take the place of the morning shift and started around 1:00 PM to run to the city centre of Enschede. The final (double) stage of the race went from the centre to the campus of the university and was traditionally ran by two board members. This year this honour went to Aron and Hannah. Accompanied by a loud cheering crowd they arrived at the UTrack (with Arago flag) where it turned out that they had ran the exact same time of 00:39:58! After all teams were finished the result indicated that out of all 349 teams that participated Arago took the 120th place in the ranking!

The Saturday ended with the BataQ and of course the Bataparty, where aside from Arago also our sister associations Marie Curie from Nijmegen, Van der Waals from Eindhoven and VvTP from Delft were represented.