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2 teams to international olympiad PLANCKS

After the great success of the national physics olympiad (PION), organised in Twente, three teams departed to Denmark to compete in the international physics olympiad, PLANCKS. Two of these teams came from Enschede! Next to the key event of the weekend, the olympiad on Saturday morning, all participants could enjoy each other’s company in several activities, such as a city walk, a lecture of Nobel Laureate Wolfgang Ketterle and several parties in de evenings. Eventually, the teams from Enschede ilLUMENated (Lumen Eek, Geert Heres, Tim Kokkeler and Femke Witmans) and Prima (Shivan Bissessar, Duco van Buuren, Maarten Eijkel and Jelle Kuyper) became 17th and 18th of 34 teams with exactly the same score!