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Lustrum theme announced!

Since the 50th Dies of our study association is coming ever closer, it has become time for the Lustrum committee to shed some light on the awesome activities they have planned. The theme for lustrum X of S.V. Arago is …

The theme is based on the 50th anniversary of our ever-changing and growing association. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is still the same as it has been since 1970. Every year has had its own shade, but the overall ‘Arago red’ colour has not changed. We will celebrate this milestone on every 10th day of each month, by organising an activity, drink or having an announcement for more lustrum awesomeness. So keep an eye on the website or swing by the Aragoroom for more info.

Some activities have already been announced: a lustrum congress (15 December), a lustrum trip (27-29 November), an over-the-top prom and an alumni-day.