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Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Why did you take this course?
“To check if the Fluid master was something for me.”

“I enjoyed Physics of Fluids in the 2nd year and I took this course to orient myself for the Master phase (whether I would be interested in a Fluid Mechanics track).”

“It is a mandatory course for the Physics of Fluids group. We only had one fluids course in second year, so I was also curious about the more advanced techniques.”

What were your expectations beforehand and did the course meet your expectations?
“I expected that it would be a hard course. This turned out to be true, the workload was way too high for the 5 EC.”

“I expected the course to expand on the knowledge obtained in the Physics of Fluids course, which it did. However, the workload was much more than expected (much more than 5 EC in my experience).”

“I knew it would be heavily theory-focused, and would take up a lot of time. These expectations were met. There were a couple of times where we derived some “everyday” things (why tealeaves collect in the middle of your cup, why hurricane winds rotate around low pressure areas, for instance), which was fun.”

Would you take the course again?
“Yes, purely because I thought the concepts were very interesting, but the workload is not reasonable for the 5 EC you get for the subject.”

“Probably not, as I realized it was not entirely my cup of tea, but that is a personal preference.”


How much time (weekly) did it take to follow the course?
“About 30 hours”

“3 hours of lectures, 1.5 hours tutorial, and approximately 20 hours finishing the assignments (we actually measured the time spent, this is not a joke)”

Would you recommend the course?
“For people who want to do fluid mechanics, it is essential and covers the fundamentals elaborately. For people who want to do a light subject of choice, choose something else.”

“In case the workload changes (or the amount of ECs obtained for the current workload changes), yes. Otherwise I would only recommend it to people who I know can take a heavy workload and a though subject.”