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Colloids and Interfaces

Why did you take this course?
“The course was part of my minor”

“I took Soft & Biological matter last year, and have a general interest in soft matter courses.”

What were your expectations beforehand and did the course meet your expectations?
“I expected it to be quite chemically oriented, as it is a chemistry course as well. There were indeed not a lot of in-depth physical derivations, it was mostly focused on applying known equations. “

“I expected it to be more theoretical than it turned out to be. This is probably my own fault, since the theory of the part of physics is just not done yet. “

Would you take the course again?
“I would not choose to take this course again, since I do not feel like I learned enough for the time I put in. “

“Yes, it is a fun course that gives good insights in colloidal phenomena.”

How much time (weekly) did it take to follow the course?
“1.5 hours lectures, 1.5 hours tutorial and approximately another 2 hours finishing the assignment set.”

“About five hours including the lecture and tutorial”

Would you recommend the course?
“If you are into a more empirical aproach to physics, then this is a good course for you. This is not a theoretically rigourus course. A lot of exercixes consist of putting numbers in given equations. “

“Yes, for anyone that wants to know more about colloidal phenomena.”