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Introduction to Superconductivity

Why did you take this course?
“Part of my capita Selecta. It seemed interesting.”

“I wanted to follow a materials course as orientation for the Master phase. Next to that, I had two other tough subjects, so I chose a relatively easy subject to go with that.”

What were your expectations beforehand and did the course meet your expectations?
“A course that wasn’t too much work but still gives a look into a branch of physics that hasn’t been covered in the bachelor.”

“My expectation was that superconductivity would be explained conceptually, which was indeed explained.”

Would you take the course again?
“Yes, the course was quite interesting, but I would have liked to invest more time into this subject.”


How much time (weekly) did it take to follow the course?
“Approximately 5 hours.”

“On average 4 hours and maybe 8 last week before the exam”

Would you recommend the course?

“Yes, I would recommend the course (especially to people interested in materials)”