Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.

Jan Muller

Jan Muller

Jan Muller – Member of Merit since the 15th of March 1990

Arago is among the smaller associations on campus when it comes to member count, but we are among the largest as far as activism is concerned. On many occasions this has led to Arago having to fight for a suitable space to let its members relax.

For a long time, Arago occupied a relatively small space, but then along came building administrator Jan Muller, who had a storage cabinet in use (with warm running water, heating, and a very central location) that he was willing to trade for the considerably smaller Arago room.

For nine years we as an association have been able to enjoy Jan’s room, which he had painted and supplied with flooring. As a token of gratitude he has since been a Member of Merit of Arago.