De Aragokamer is momenteel gesloten.

Claudia Filippi, Winner of the Arago Education Award 2020

In February and March, before the lockdown, bachelor and master applied physics, students could vote on the Arago education award. This yearly award is to honour the work and effort of teachers.
This year a lot of votes were cast with Claudia Filippi coming out on top with a strong margin. She, of course, is known for Classical Dynamics and Computational Physics. Where here work clearly seems to be greatly appreciated by the students. Her enthusiasm for and desire to explain the subject matter most certainly playing an important role here.
All of this makes Claudi Filippi the deservedly winner of the Arago education award 2020!

Unfortunately due to the current circumstances, it was not possible to hand over the actual award. We will, however, try to find a suitable moment to do this when this is possible again.