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Member of merit Tine van Dam passed away

Last Saturday the 28th of August, member of merit Tine van Dam passed away at the age of 90.

Tine van Dam was a employee at the faculty TN from the beginning. From 1965 to 1992, she was responsible for the education of first year students at Applied Physics, and every student knew her.

Every year, she was very involved with the introduction days, which were always planned together with Arago. Thanks to her effort, new students also became a member of the association.

Thanks to her fame, the practicumrooms in the Hogekamp, 4th floor, were named after her, but she was never thanked for her commitment to Arago. That is why she was chosen as Member of Merit in 1992.

We send our thoughts and prayers to her relatives, and hope she will rest in peace.