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Arago Education Award 2022 announced!

Dear reader,

It has been two weeks since the Arago Education Prize was awarded. The winner of 2022 is Marc Dhallé! He competed against some great teachers, but Marc has shown that he is the best this year. Below are some motivations from students why Marc had to win:

“His passion for physics, care for student well-being, exciting lectures and hard work both in class and on the organizational side of every course he teaches in!”
“Each of the options can explain their subject really well, especially also Jelmer in my opinion. But with Marc, you can really see a lot of enthusiasm and he can tell things in a great and interesting way.”
“His clear concise explanations combined with practical examples or useful metaphors to explain concepts. Communicationally strong.”
“He keeps all his lectures interesting and dynamic to watch and is very open and willing to help you”
It is clear that students are very happy with Marc Dhallé, and that he certainly deserved the award, congratulations! We would also like to thank all nominees on behalf of the board and the SOTN for all the effort and effort they put into helping students as best as possible! Marc, Frieder, Jelmer, Hans, Alexander and Geert, thank you for your passion and enthusiasm to convey the material.

Of course all the teachers are top notch, but these teachers have excelled this year, and they can be proud of that. So if you run into one of the nominees in the hallway or in the lecture hall, thank them for everything they give to make the study that little bit more beautiful.

On behalf of the 95th board and the SOTN,

Kai van den Berg