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What to do: public transport strike 101

Hello Students,

Next week (week 6) there will be strikes in regional transport, by employees affiliated with some trade unions. It is not yet known what the exact consequences to the travel program will be. However, it could be a hindrance for several of you to get to the university, or even worse and make it completely impossible to get here.

If you are one of the affected students and are (partially) unable to attend next week due to the strikes and thereby miss contact hours as a result, especially practical’s, then it is certainly advisable to contact the lecturer whose you miss contact hours.

Personally, I would recommend asking the lectures if there are any old recordings of the lectures to make them available online via canvas, if they are not already on it.
If you miss a practical (or similar activity), I would recommend that you get in touch with the lecturer of the course to ask how what can be done to circumvent this.
Furthermore, it is still advisable to send emails with questions about tutorial assignments if you cannot ask your questions during a tutorial.

Of course, you can always ask fellow students for help.

Before I forget: good luck with quartile 3, study them.



Bob Stegeman

55th commissioner of education affairs of the S.V. Arago