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The winner of the ‘mevrouw De Winter’-prize!

Last month, S.V. Arago celebrated its Dies Natalis on November 30th, featuring an awesome Dies lecture by Hans van Oort. Following this lecture, the board announced the winner of the ‘mevrouw De Winter’-prize! This year, it’s Femke Witmans who won the prize.

Now, Femke’s not just your regular PhD student at ICE and NE, next to her PhD she does a lot more. Her involvement with NEMO Kennislink as one of the Faces of Science showcases her dedication to sharing scientific knowledge through blogging. Besides this organizing the Girls Day at the UT demonstrates her commitment to promoting STEM education among young minds.

This however are only her recent contributions to the promotion of science and technology in society. In the past she has been active for Pre University where she done a lot for Science on Tour. Aside from that Femke has been a very active member of Arago and has been engaged in quite a few committees along with a board year.

All of this combined makes that Femke has made significant contributions to S.V. Arago and therefore more than deserves the ‘mevrouw De Winter’-prize.