Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.


Almost 1500 academics in the Netherlands and beyond may say that they obtained their degree in Applied Physics at the University of Twente. Especially for them, we have our alumni association Impuls. An extensive network was tried to set up over the years, that connects alumni and reminds them of their time at the University of Twente.

Our goals are to improve contacts between all physicists and to build an excellent external network. Concerning the former, we not only want to organise special activities for solely former board members, but also for all Applied Physics alumni and we want to invite them to for instance symposia. Secondly, for the sake of the association, we see this network as a good opportunity to obtain sponsoring, to find interesting speakers and to promote physics in general.

Recently, it became easier to access extensive information about Applied Physics alumni. Of course, we are overjoyed about the easier contact opportunities, but we need help for continuity on the long run. For now, we see the yearly symposium and the yearly alumni special of our periodical, the Arago Focus, as an excellent opportunity for alumni to againt contact with the university. Sporadic activities like the former board members day are of course also suitable. Hopefully, you are as enthusiastic to brush up old memories as we are.