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Buying books Quartile 3

The following page is meant to display all the books that you may need to buy for Quartile 3. You may notice that this is not the usual way the book sales are handled, but in the light of the circumstances we have chosen to inform you in this way in your purchase.

On the old site: CLICK HERE some additional information can be found and pictures are also shown, which could be useful if information is missing here.
I would encourage you to look for the books yourself.

Success with your studies.

First year subjects:

Elektriciteit en Magnetisme

Title: Introduction to electrodynamics
4th Revised edition
ISBN-13: 9781108420419
Author: D.J. Griffiths

Vector calculus

mandatory – Probably already owned
Title: Calculus: A complete course
10th edition
ISBN-13: 9780135732588
Authors: R.A. Adams, C. Essex


Title: The Art of Electronics
3rd Revised edition
ISBN-13: 9780521809269
Authors: Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill

Second year subjects:

Inleiding Vastestoffysica

Title: Solid-state physics an introduction to principles of material science
4rd Revised edition
ISBN-13: 9783540938033
Author: Ibach, H.

Statistische Fysica

Title: An introduction to Thermal Physics
ISBN-13: 9780201380279
Author: D.V. Schroeder
Not Available on at time of writing

Third year subjects:

Fysische Materiaalkunde

Title: Materials Science of Thin Films; Deposition and Structure
2nd edition
ISBN-13: 9780125249751
Author: Milton Ohring

Technische Optica

Title: Optics
5th edition
ISBN-13: 9781292096933
Author: Hecht

Soft Matter Physics

Title: Soft Matter Physics
ISBN-13: 9780199652952
Author: Masao Doi

Master subjects:

Heat and Mass Transfer

mandatory – This is an open source book 
Title: A Heat Transfer Textbook
5th edition
ISBN-13: 9780486837352
Authors: Lienhard, Lienhard

Experimental Techniques in PoF

Title: Springer Handbook of Experimental Fluid Mechanics
1st edition
ISBN-13: 9783662491621
Authors: Tropea, Cameron, Yarin, Alexander, Foss, John F.
Not Available on at time of writing


Title: Micro- and Nanoscale Fluid Mechanics
ISBN-13: 9781107617209
Author: Brian J. Kirby

Granular Matter

Title: Introduction to Particle Technology
2nd edition
ISBN-13: 9780470014271
Author: Martin Rhodes

Title: Granular Media: Between Fluid and Solid
ISBN-13: 9781107034792
Authors: Bruno Andreotti, Yoël Forterre, Olivier Pouliquen

Medical Acoustics

Title: Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Inside Out
2nd edition
ISBN-13: 9780123964878
Author: Thomas L. Szabo

Surfaces and Thin Layers

advisory – This book is also available as a PDF via the library of the University
Title: Physics Surfaces Interfaces
ISBN-13: 9783540347095
Author: Ibach, Harald

AMM-Inorganic Materials Science

Title: Understanding Solids
3rd edition
ISBN-13: 9781119716501
Authors: Richard J, Tilley

Title: Ceramic Materials: Science and Engineering
2nd edition
ISBN-13: 9781461435228
Authors: C. Carter, M. Norton

Title: Optical Properties Of Solids
2nd edition
ISBN-13: 9780199573370
Author: Anthony Fox

Introduction to PDE

Title: Applied partial differential equations: with Fourier series and boundary value problems
5th edition
ISBN-13: 9781292039855
Author: Haberman R.

Solar Energy

Title: Photovoltaic Solar Energy
ISBN-13: 9781118927465
Authors: Angèle Reinders, Pierre Verlinden


Title: Applied partial differential equations: with Fourier series and boundary value problems
5th edition
ISBN-13: 9789811233029
Authors: Alam, Muhammad Ashraf Khan, M. Ryyan

Integrated Photonic Systems and Experiments

Title: Fundamentals of Photonics
3rd edition
ISBN-13: 9781119506874
Authors: B.E.A. Saleh, Malvin Carl Teich

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