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Buying books Quartile 4

The following page is meant to display all the books that you may need to buy for Quartile 4. You may notice that this is not the usual way the book sales are handled, but in the light of the circumstances we have chosen to inform you in this way in your purchase.

Due to the circumstances, you have to choose yourself where you would like to purchase the books.

Success with your studies.

First year subjects:

Quantum Matter

Title: Physics for scientists and engineers
6th edition
ISBN-13: 9781429201346
Authors: P.A. Tipler and G. Mosca

Advisory – This book is not yet needed for this course, but will be used in the 2nd year
Title: Introduction to quantum mechanics
3rd edition
ISBN-13: 9781107189638
Author: D.J. Griffiths

Geometrical Optics

Title: Optics
5th edition
ISBN-13: 9781292096933
Author: Eugene Hecht

Second year subjects:


Title: Munson’s Fluid Mechanics
“global edition” (8th edition) or “SI edition” (9th edition)
ISBN-13: 9781118318676 (8th edition)
ISBN-13: 9781119703266 (9th edition)|
Author: Philip M. Gerhart,  Andrew L. Gerhart, John I. Hochstein,


mandatory – Probably already owned
Title: Introduction to electrodynamics
4th edition
ISBN-13: 9781108420419
Author: D.J. Griffiths

Master subjects:

Biomedical optics

Title: Fundamentals of Biomedical Optics
ISBN-13: 9781366446190
Author: Caroline Boudoux

Theory of general relativity

Title: Spacetime and Geometry – An Introduction to General Relativity
ISBN-13: 9781108488396
Author: Sean Carroll

Intr. to the physics of correlated electrons

Title: Electrons and Disorder in Solids
ISBN-13: 9780198567561
Author: V. F. Gantmakher
Not Available on at time of writing

X-rays for S&T

Title: Elements of Modern X-ray Physics
2nd edition
ISBN-13: 9780470973943
Author: Des McMorrow & Als-Nielsen

Complex Function Theory

Title: Fundamentals of Complex Analysis
3rd edition
ISBN-13: 9781292023755
Author: E.Saff & A. Snider

Capillarity phenomena

Title: Electrowetting – fundamental principles and practical Applications
ISBN-13: 9783527412297
Author: Frieder Mugele, Jason Heikenfeld

Imaging Technology in Radiology

Title: Medical Imaging Signals and Systems
2nd edition
ISBN-13: 9780132145183
Author: Jerry L. Prince Jonathan Links


Nanophotonics and Plasmonics

Title: Plasmonics
ISBN-13: 9780387331508
Author: Stefan Alexander Maier

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