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Cas Damen

Cas Damen

Cas Damen – Member of Merit since October 20th 1994

Cas Damen was an active member of Arago since the start of his study. The first event he organised for the association was the na-intro of 1988, the first in Arago’s history.

After getting acquainted with activism, he organised a symposium and was involved in the fourth lustrum of Arago. All this activism combined led to a position in the board in 1990 as secretary. From this position, more of his ideas were realised: the sports day, a lectures afternoon (this is where the lunch lectures come from) and last but not least, the KLAT.

After his period as board, he was active for the CCCP for numerous years, where the first real Arago-servers were introduced at the time. For all his creative ideas and his ‘everything is achievable’ mindset, Cas was chosen as Member of Merit.