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Els Braker-Peerik

Els Braker-Peerik

Els Braker-Peerik – honorary member since the  March 24th of 1984

In its early years, Arago did not have the computer facilities that were necessary to do the administrative tasks. These tasks were outsourced to the departmental bureau of the Applied Physics faculty.

The secretary of the bureau, Els, who was the personal secretary of Mr. Rukkers, used to typeset the Aragootje (the predecessor of the Focus) for many years. The Aragootje was made by hand by the editors on the backside of their dynamics homework and given to Els for typesetting. She also made up the annual financial reports as well as the annual secretarial reports.

We are still grateful for all the work that she has done for our association. For that reason, she has been made an honorary member.