Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.

Herbert Wormeester

Herbert Wormeester

Herbert Wormeester – Member of Merit since the 19th of March 1992

Anyone looking at the board matrix will notice that the name Herbert Wormeester is on the matrix many times; starting 1986, he was a member of the 30th, 31st, 32nd and 33rd board of S.V. Arago. After a year as treasurer, Herbert has also chaired the association and consequently realized the room where Arago would remain for more than 20 years.

Next to activism at Arago, he also participated in the URaad, where he also served the interests of Arago.

As a teacher in the research group PIN, he is still closely involved with the daily affairs at Arago. In 2010 he was also involved in the realization of the new Arago room.