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Herman de Winter

Herman de Winter

Herman de Winter – Honorary Member since October the 6th 1975 until  the 7th October  2005

On 30 November 1970 a handful of students and teachers founded the study association for Applied Physics, originally Technische Natuurkunde. Professor De Winter, the first dean of the physics faculty, was one of the leading people in this foundation, which qualified him to be the first Honorary Member of S.V. Arago. With their acquired Honorary Membership, it was not surprising that throughout the rest of their lives, he and his wife cared much for the study association.

Annualy, Mr. and Mrs. De Winter held an open house where they welcomed all TN students. Moreover, Herman accompanied the study trips to Czechia, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland.

His generosity to Arago, in the form of gifts to many different activities like the first board dinners, will never be forgotten.