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Herman Rukkers

Ben Rukkers

Herman Rukkers – Honorary Member from the 6th of October 1975 until the  1st of November 1993

Even before Arago existed, Mr. Rukkers was head of administration for the TN faculty, the precursor of the faculty of Science & Technology. When the idea for a study association was proposed, he was the first to support professor De Winter in his plans.

Herman was always there for everyone, which was pleasant at the cosy level of the faculty back then (which it still maintains to some extent). Apart from that, he is famous for his ‘funds’, which always had some cash available for diverse new, assertive Arago-activities.

He also introduced the Sinterklaas celebrations back in the day, given that he actually possessed a boot with the names of all employees and students of the faculty.

Due to his intimate relation with students during the early years of the association, he became one of its first Honorary Members.