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Joris de Vries

Joris de Vries

Joris de Vries – Member of Merit since the 31th of October 2002

Besides his merits in many committees and the lustrum within his time at Arago, Joris joined in 1997 the 52nd board. After his year as treasurer, in which he invented the ‘de Vries’-fund, he decided to stay as commissioner of excursions for another half a year.

After his board year, he joined the BACO, immediately taking the role of BACOning. In this function he acquired double the budget for the BACO, which made the themed drinks possible. After his board year Joris has shared his knowledge as member of the CA and the FAC-I and -II.

Joris’s influence is still felt within the BACO, as treasurer and with other people who worked together with him. Even now, new board members enjoy his notorious recipe for chicken-cherry pie. Only a Member of Merit can cook like that.