Arago room

The Arago room is currently open.
Sam Temmink has room service.

Leo Keekstra

Leo Keekstra

Leo Keekstra – Honorary Member since the 24th of September 2009

Ever since the sixth lustrum of S.V. Arago took place, Leo has been working in the Hogekamp building alongside and together with Arago. He has contributed greatly to many different aspects of both Arago and the whole of Applied Physics.

The widely used conference room ‘Studio Leo’ is named after the man who created it with only some plasterboard – inside his own office. On his own initiative, he arranged, among other things, a beadle staff for our association, as well as a room for the Sang Kancil study tour committee. When the room proved unavailable, he offered his own storage area instead.

Among the members, he might be recognized by his yelling “Board!!!” while lunging into the Arago Room, after which he always kindly delivered a package. Leo is also famous for his Bros addiction. In 2009, the time had come for an Honorary Membership!