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Lourens van Emmerik

Lourens van Emmerik – Member of Merit since the 14th of September 2023

Lourens was known as the financial backbone of the association for multiple years. His expertise with finances started when he became treasurer of our association in 2010. In a time of financial despair, he ensured that Arago made a net profit of 14.282 euros! After this, the Van Emmerik norm was established to guarantee that Arago remained financially healthy even after his board year. This norm is still used by treasurers today. After his board year, Lourens was a member of many financial committees such as the KasCo and FAC3. He stayed active for multiple years, while normally people do this for one year only. Even afterwards, he remained a mentor for new treasurers for quite some time.

Besides his financial work, Lourens was active in a lot of committees, such as the BACO, ESCo, NaIntro and the Lustrumcommittee. Lourens was also a founding member of the NBC (The Nieuwe borrelruimte commissie, or New bar committee), where he put lots of his spare time in realizing the construction of the now established TAP, located on CR5. On his own, he put substantially more time into the project than the rest of the committee combined!

For his efforts and dedication, Lourens was granted the rank of Member of Merit in September 2023.