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Mevrouw De Winter

Mrs de Winter small

Mrs De Winter – Honorary Member since the 6th of October 1975 until  the 24th April 2013

On the 30th November 1970 a handful of students and teachers founded the study association for Applied Physics, originally Techische Natuurkunde. Professor De Winter was one of the stars in this spectacle that we now celebrate anually as the Dies of S.V. Arago. With their acquired Honorary Membership, it was not surprising that throughout the rest of his life, he and his wife cared much for the study association. But also after the passing of her husband, Mrs De Winter continued to remain actively associated with our association.

Apart from participating in an excursion to Switzerland with her husband, Mrs De Winter welcomes the Arago board every year at her home for feasts the likes of which this world has never seen. She is also known to every now and again finance a drink, and in her later years, she has gifted Arago one of the most beautiful gifts through the new board necklaces.