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Raimond Frentrop

Raimond Frentrop – Member of Merit since the 14th of September 2023

Raimond was involved with the study association from his early days as a student. He started in the FyFy, the sports committee, and after two months he joined the computer committee. As a student with interest in IT, he quickly became the head of Arago’s IT department in both the website committee and the IT committee. His efforts led to several upgrades for the association, such as the catering system. Not only did he implement said system, he also taught everyone that wanted to know more about IT. Raimond spent countless evenings and weekends to work on the IT environment and in his enthusiasm, he brought more people into the IT committees.

Besides IT, Raimond was active in 18 (!) other committees and served in the association board as secretary. He remained an active member long after obtaining his degree, serving as ERO (BHV) during activities and supporting the board via his CA membership.

For his enthusiasm and work for the association, Raimond was awarded the rank of Member of Merit in September 2023.