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Ruud Oldenbeuving

Ruud Oldenbeuving

Ruud Oldenbeuving – Member of Merit since the 24th of September 2009

It all started for Ruud with a do-group and the introduction committee. He enjoyed organising such events so much, that he went on to become secretary of the Arago board, while also becoming a member of the BACO. Besides, he also discovered his passion for writing the Focus during this time.

When the seventh lustrum of S.V. Arago took place in 2005, Ruud has made a major contribution to this event as Commissioner of Print & Press. After the lustrum he organised the Ke Ji study trip to China in 2006. After his graduation he remained active in the advisory organs of our association, the CA and the BROO, to supply his successors as the board and the study trip committee with helpful advice.

This impressing list of events within the association is not all there is. His style and the enthusiasm with which he did all these things still mark the ways in which Arago functions. He is more than worthy of a Membership of Merit.