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Sander Huinink

Sander Huinink

Sander Huinink – Member of Merit since the 23rd of October 1997

Sander started his Arago career as editor at ‘het Aragootje’. From that position he was quickly asked to participate in the establishment of a new tabloid, the ‘KLAT’. Barely a year later, he became editor-in-chief for ‘het Aragootje’, after which the magazine received the new name ‘Arago Focus’, which is what we now know as the ‘Focus’.

After all of the previous activism, the still young Sander decided to join the board as commissioner of activities, whereas he joined as vice-chairman half a year later. From these positions in the board he noticed that there was plenty of room for improvement within the faculty of applied physics. This led him to join the AGTN (now SOTN) and the faculty council after his board.

This list of activism, in combination with many smaller committees and a warm heart towards Arago, made Sander the ideal candidate for a Membership of Merit in 1997.