Arago room

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Tine van Dam

Tine van Dam

Tine van Dam – Member of Merit since  the 19th of March 1992 until the 28th of August 2021

Tine van Dam was a TN faculty member of the first hour. From 1965 until 1992, she organised the education of the first-year Applied Physics students. Consequently, every student knew her.

Every year, she was very involved with the introduction period, which was always planned together with Arago. Because of her commitment, every zeroth-year student has become a member of the association since then.

Due to her reputation, the lab room on the 4th floor of the Hogekamp building was named after her, but she had never been properly thanked for all the effort she put into Arago over the years. Until 1992, when she was named a Member of Merit.