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Wim Caspers

Wim Caspers

Wim Caspers – Member of Merit from the 20th of October 1994 until the 22nd of April 22 2010

Professor Caspers was one of the teachers at the cradle of Arago and who supported its establishment fully. Furthermore, he played an active role as companion during numerous study trips to Switzerland, France, Germany, the USA, and Canada.

On top of this, he has taken on the role of master of ceremonies during a symposium no less than four times, where diverse subjects like quantum physics to astronomy were discussed.

Previous boards knew him and his wife for the joyful dinners and tea visits where numerous intellectual subjects were discussed. However, most of all, he will be remembered by many Aragonauts for his role as the friendly old man from Spain with his many Petes (i.e. Sinterklaas). In 2009 he gave a wonderful lecture during the 39th Dies of S.V. Arago on the origin of quantum mechanics and the role of Max Planck, despite his late-stage illness.