Arago room

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Hans Hilgenkamp

Hans Hilgenkamp – Winnaar mevrouw De Winterprijs 2018

Hans Hilgenkamp has been very concerned with Arago as professor of the Interfaces and Correlated Electron systems (ICE) group. He gladly clears his massively full agenda to be the master of ceremonies for a symposium of Arago, and he travelled along with the study trip multiple times. In fact, accompanying the trip is not enough. Hans even helps with organising and arranging visits to companies. Furthermore, students can always pop by for sponsoring for organised activities.

His fondness for Arago even becomes apparent from his exams Physical Material Science:

At the Arago study trip to Singapore and Malaysia in the jungle a stone is found with some extraordinary pieces of “glass”. Fortunately, the tour visits the synchrotron that afternoon and people decide to take the stone with them for more research. Question a: What is a synchrotron and what could you do with it to find out more about our stone? (…) which peaks could you scan at first to see if it possibly contains Aragonite?