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Two new members of merit!

2 oktober 2023

As of the 14th of Septembre, study association Arago has appointed two new members of merit, namely Raimond Frentrop and Lourens van Emmerik! Although they did a board year together in 2010, their contributions to the association are vastly different. Their stories can be read on our members of merit page and in the Arago …

The 97th Board of S.V. Arago

25 september 2023

On September 14th, 2023, the 96th board was replaced by the 97th board. The 97th board is constituted as follows: Bart Brouwer – Chairman Renske van Poppelen – Secretary Chloë ten Wolde – Treasurer Sam Temmink – Commissioner of Internal Affairs Werner Zwijnenberg – Commissioner of External Affairs Marthe de Vries – Commissioner of Educational …

Happy summer holiday

6 juli 2023

The 96th board of S.V. Arago wants to wish you all a happy summer holiday, We are looking forward to seeing you again in the next study year. We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to make this association a more fun place for its members. Kind regards, The 96th board …

Summer Sounds 2023

6 juni 2023

The summer holidays are right around the corner, and we are going to kick it off together with the Summer Sounds! On the last Friday before the summer holidays, we are going to transform the O&O square into a festival ground. Together with Inter-Actief, Paradoks, Scintilla, Astatine, Arago, Abacus, Proto, Atlantis and Stress, we will …

The 117th candidate board of the S.V. Arago is announced.

11 april 2023

The 117th candidate board of the S.V. Arago is announced. The 96th board has full confidence they will become beautiful diamonds next year. We hope they will be constituted as follows at the GMA of September: Bart Brouwer  – Chairman Renske van Poppelen – Secretary Chloë Ten Wolde – Treasurer Sam Temmink – Commissioner of …

New confidential contacts / Nieuw luisterend oor

13 maart 2023

English version can be found below. Enkele weken terug zijn er twee nieuwe luisterende oren aangesteld en is het oude luisterend oor gestopt. Dit nieuwsbericht is er om jullie te informeren over wat het luisterend oor doet en wie deze functie sinds kort heeft. Het luisterend oor is aangesteld om met leden te praten die …

NEWS: Buying books Quartile 3

15 februari 2023

Hello everybody, If you are reading this, I am (almost) sure you have heard that StudyStore has stopped. Because of this, we have made the following page: Buying books Quartile 3. To give you an overview of all the books that could be bought on StudyStore. On the same kind of solution for quartile four …

What to do: public transport strike 101

5 februari 2023

Hello Students, Next week (week 6) there will be strikes in regional transport, by employees affiliated with some trade unions. It is not yet known what the exact consequences to the travel program will be. However, it could be a hindrance for several of you to get to the university, or even worse and make …