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PhD Vacatures

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PhD candidate in Electrocardiography m/f, vacancy number 2018/0663

Job description
The successful candidate will pursue a three-year PhD in a project entitled “QRS Vision: QRS Vectors in Solving the Inverse Problem of Electrocardiography”, under the guidance of Dr. Peter Loh and Dr. Peter van Dam (Peacs BV, Nieuwerbrug/Donders Institute, Nijmegen).

Inherited cardiomyopathies can lead to heart failure, ventricular arrhythmias (VA) and sudden cardiac death. Asymptomatic family members can carry the mutation that causes the disease and sudden cardiac death may be the first disease manifestation. QRS Vision aims to develop novel advanced diagnostic techniques to assess the disease state, progression and cardiac risk of as yet asymptomatic PKP2 and PLN mutation carriers in patients’ family members without any detectable sign of the disease. By combining advanced electrophysiological and imaging techniques, high-risk patients can be detected prior to adverse events.

In the project, non-invasive techniques will be implemented to solve the inverse problem in electrocardiography (iECG). iECG techniques aim to estimate local conduction abnormalities by combining cardiac imaging, ECG data and 3D photos of the patient’s chest with electrode positions. The aim of the applied methods is to detect early stages of cardiomyopathy in order to identify patients at increased risk of sudden cardiac death.

You have a master’s degree in physics or biomedical engineering/technology and a strong mathematical and physics background. In addition, you are proficient in the use of MatLab. The modeling aspects involved in this project will require knowledge of physics, imaging, and the electrophysiological functioning of the heart.

Conditions of employment
For this 100% post, the gross monthly salary will be € 2.279,- in the first year, rising to a maximum of € 2.786,- in the third and final year. This will be a temporary appointment for three years.

University Medical Centre Utrecht
With over 1,100 beds and more than 11,000 employees, the University Medical Center Utrecht is one of the largest academic health care centers in the Netherlands. Our aim is to improve. Our patients’ health, but also our students and employees. Whether you are a doctor or a business economist, a researcher or a SAP-specialist: working with us means having a job that matters, access to the best facilities and the opportunity to grow as a professional and contribute towards innovative health care.

Scientific research at the UMC Utrecht is rooted in the world around us. We listen to people; the wishes and needs of patients come first. Together with our national and international partners, we invest in innovation and research in order to ensure that our care remains of the highest quality. Focus is pivotal in this, which is why we have concentrated our research in six programs:

  • Brain
  • Infection & Immunity
  • Circulatory Health
  • Personalized Cancer Care
  • RM & Stem Cells
  • Child Health

Division of Heart & Lungs
The division of Heart & Lungs (DH&L) is an integral part of the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht). The UMC Utrecht is a leading international academic medical center where knowledge of health, illness and care is generated, evaluated, shared and applied for the benefit of patients and society. Its Cardiology Department has extensive experience of the study of inherited cardiomyopathies. This research project is being conducted in collaboration between the Cardiology Department and Peacs BV, a company that specializes in developing technology for medical use and academic education. It has been funded by a grant from the Dutch Heart Foundation.

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