Arago room

The Arago room is currently closed.

Mevrouw de Winterprijs

Also this year the Mevrouw de Winterprijs was awarded during the dies of S.V. Arago. This year this prestigious prize was awarded to Stefan Kooi. His role as programma director makes him already very involved with the students. His effords on this field, however greatly surpass the expectations, which follow from his function. He stimulates activism of students and knows of all most every student at least one thing to name during the bachelor ceremony where this student spend time and afford in during his study career. Besides that, he is actively involved in stimulating the participation of students and the study association, for example, for the upcoming moving of the AK. He is also involved in several Arago activities, for example, the sailing weekend and multiple study trips. Partly due to these efforts Stefan Kooi was awarded the Mevrouw de Winterprijs.